Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweaters and Schools

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Moving forward on the sweater. I'd hoped to stay home all day yesterday and work on it, but....the best laid plans.... I have about two inches to go till changing to black for the "yoke". Then sleeves and hood, which I'm thinking will be black. I'm loving the contrast between the back and front...the same but different. It's amazing how black added to the mix as the neutral brings out the colors while the grey on the front tones them down.

Youngest Granddaughter got a new dress. And I know you are just dieing to find out why! Last week I told you she'd qualified for special ed pre-school for delayed speech. Well, her teacher, Miss E, called early Monday morning, inviting us to bring YGD for a visit and to finish the enrollment paperwork. Things went so well Miss E suggested YGD stay there. So she did. Although she had a deer in the headlights look when we left her, she did very well and after a good night's sleep was raring to go back on Tuesday. It's just two hours, four days a week, and in a couple weeks bus service will start. Right now it kinda means tearing around the house in the mornings to get one kid to school and the fly across town to get the other one there. It's almost too far to come home between the YGD drop off and pick up.... Today is the day off of the five day school week, so I expect someone is going to be a bit upset she doesn't get to go to school. As can be expected, Youngest Daughter and I had more emotional upset at leaving her there than she did at being left! She has the same teacher and speech therapist my Third Grandson (who I am knitting the sweater for) did and both come with the highest recommendation from my son.

I finally got all the vacation pics downloaded off the camera. I could only do about a dozen at a time and with about 250 pics, it took awhile. I'm in the process of getting them loaded up on Photobucket! Go take a look!

Have you ever wondered how to spin with a Walking Wheel or a Great Wheel? I've never seen in it demonstrated. However, Lilith Parker has a video on her blog today. Isn't it interesting to see how spinning was done, "in the olden days" as my kids would say?


  1. Way to go YGD!! She looks adorable!

  2. Look at that pose, what a cute ham.

  3. Sweater looks great! As for your grandaughter, what a darling child!! She's posing like she is on the "red carpet" in holiday...absolutely adorable.

    They had a "walking wheel" demo at the sheep and wool festival. The lady was dressed in period costume. Hard work!


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