Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's not a sock!

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I gave in to the overwhelming urge to use a ww yarn and start a sweater. I'm making it big enough for Youngest Granddaughter, but am keeping in mind she probably won't wear it. So, no girly colors and it can be passed on to Youngest Grandson if need be. I'm using Craftown's Toddler Pullover pattern. This is made from some of the yarn my mother sent me, Caron Wintuk. Very small needles, sizes 4 and 5. It's making a nice dense fabric which I'm sure will soften some when washed. I have half an inch to go before I start the sleeve shaping.

Tee Hee!


  1. The color combo is lovely! Perfect for boy or girl :)

  2. Yes, very nice!!! Grankids are lucky to have you.


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