Thursday, July 24, 2008

Samhain Sunset

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Great progress yesterday. I am now starting the toe decreases! These socks should be finished today! And with leftover yarn! Oldest GD starts school in three weeks, so maybe I should make her a "First Day of 2nd Grade" pair of socks! I'm thinking a mismatched pair, like these. I don't have quite the neon yarn that appears here, but I do have bits and pieces of this and that... It's amazing that she can sell adult socks for the price I pay for good wool hand dyed sock yarn.

More weird weather! Ours is just hot and muggy.

Another dissatisfied Options user. These needles break more than any other knitting item that's recently hit the market. Yet people still keep recommending them...I don't understand...Misery loves company, maybe?

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  1. Lizzie, the mismatched socks you refer to are made right here in Vermont. The local breast cancer group sells the socks as a fund raiser and they are a tremendous hit. I've seen them, inititally they are cute but I don't think the quality yarn is there.

    Love your socks better.


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