Saturday, June 28, 2008


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Lookie what came in the mail today. I was reading on a blog that destash was going on. I couldn't pass this up! It's an apparently discontinued yarn from Knit One Crochet Too. Angora Soft, 45% Nylon, 40% Viscose, 15% Angora, 115 yards, 50 grams. It's a very pale celery color. Not particularly appealing, but dyed a dark green, the viscose will remain celery and the angora and nylon will take up the color. It should be a nice heathery finished product. I got twelve skeins for $20 including shipping. That's 1,800 yards. It's plied as a chain rather than twisted together. Have no plans for it yet.

I spent most of the day knitting on a pair of pants to go with the hoodie previously made. Got about five or six inches done and it just wasn't gonna happen. I was using Caron Simply Soft which I really don't like for clothing as it has absolutely no body. It feels dead like an acrylic baby blanket that's been dried too hot. Bleech. And it was way too big for the sweater size. I should know that whenever I swatch, get gauge and knit, it's always wrong. I do so much better just grabbing yarn and needles and making it. All was not lost, though, as I did make a little sock that matches the hoodie size. Second sock will happen soon.

I received two log cabin charity baby blankets in the mail and will need to work on them first.

Worried by the high cost of heating? Do you have too much stash? Dances With Wool has the answer!

Read a review for a Nevada Barr book over at Panhandle Jane's. Then I remembered these were books my blogless sister suggested I'd like. So I'm in the process of downloading the first of the Anna Pigeon books, Track of the Cat. Libraries are wonderful places!

I finished up listening to Die Trying by Lee Child yesterday. I like Jack Reacher. It's a different look at the protagonist. Reacher was a successful MP in the Army, an officer, in fact. Not staying in long enough, 13 years if I remember correctly, to get his retirement, he got out and started wandering through the US living off his savings. Instead of him having the same group of crime solving cohorts around through each story, all the people he interacts with are new to him and to the reader. Although at first I wasn't sure I'd like this, I've found them to be very interesting!

Oh and I just found another series that looks good! Them Bones by Carolyn Haines! Too many books, too much!

Soonerbeknitting has challenged herself to read 50 books in a year. She's done 51 so far. That made me come back and count what I've read since the first of the year: 44 books. (Wonder if I can make 100 in 2008?) Now many have been in audio format and have been listened to. And some were read while knitting, and some were read on the fly when taking a break. But I've finished, in one form or another, all these books. I'm proud of myself. Because I'm very OC, I have difficulty doing more than one enjoyable past time at a time. It's hard for me to take a break from, knitting, say, and crochet or read. By stretching myself, I'm managing to do it to a small degree. That's why audio books are such a godsend for me!

For those that would like to play with photos they post or print, check out Imagiris! It's great and it's free!

Amber has an interesting opinion on "stuff". We buy too much, we have too much and we end up storing too much. Downsizing really is a good idea, people! It's one of the reasons I like digital photos. No problem with storing them. And digital books. No problem with storing them. I can easily see how I could move from books on CDs to books in MP3 format for my library. And then going to the brick and mortar library to get books to read with my eyes instead of my ears. In fact, I rarely buy books at all. My favorite series, Outlander and Harry Potter, yes, but just a book to read....rarely.


  1. What a great price for all that yarn! Might have to click on your link to see if I can find some (like I need anymore).
    Keep on reading! Helps keep the brain from going stagnent. Thanks for listing the books you have read. Will check them out and see if there are any that interest me.

  2. I looked at the site, but could not find any. Must be sold out. Boo Hoo

  3. Maybe it's the economy, but many bloggers are focusing on destashing, downsizing, not buying, decluttering, etc.

    Re books, do you know about It's like Ravelry but for books. I just joined (it's free) and am using it to keep a list of books-I-read and a list of books-to-read.

    Great buy on the yarn! It is always the weird colors that go on sale. It just doesn't occur to me that I could dye the yarn I buy if I don't like the color. I'll have to remember that.

  4. Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for linking to Dances With Wools! Loose Ends is a great blog! You've given me an idea about dyeing with your plans for your new blended yarn!

  5. You are 6 books ahead of me! I've read 38 so far this year and I was trying for 100. Last year I read 83 books, 48 by June. Have to set aside more time for reading! Audio books are great but I do love large print hardbacks best!
    Think I'll go check out GoodReads!

  6. Lizzie, that is the exact yarn I used for the bunny sweater I knitted (see Ravelry or my 360 from last spring). I purchased the yarn at Webs (in the warehouse and cheap, cheap, cheap but don't remember $$$). I really enjoyed the yarn and the bonus is that it is was made in my home State of Maine. I still have some left as I purchased a lot of it. They had many different colors.


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