Thursday, June 19, 2008


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Stash Enhancement eXperience!

A few weeks ago my sister contacted me and said she'd like to build up my stash for my Love Knitting. I received a gift card to JoAnn's and finally got a chance to peruse the sale items yesterday. I got 830 yards of Moda Dea Superwash in these three colors for $20. They are probably discontinued colors as the other MDS was not on sale. The granddaughter's got a gift, too for helping me carry the yarn! Little wooden cut outs with a pack of markers. It's amazing that $2 can buy 42.5 minutes of quiet!

Mittnz, pair 53, finished yesterday morning! Look, Gladys, there are thumb holes! Two strands of sport weight yarn, wool on top, acrylic on the palms. Nice and warm!

We have an educational meeting for youngest granddaughter today to put her in a pre-school next school year. The one we want is quite a ways away in the opposite direction of her older sister's school. We'll see how that all works out. Anyway, one of the new balls of yarn will go with me to begin some more mittnz.

Noro Hat is moving right along, too.

We have our own Cupboard Under the Stairs and it serves as the play room for the granddaughters. As with most playrooms, unless one has a full time upstairs, or in this case, down under the stairs, maid, it becomes the catchall for toys . Last night was cleaning time for our cupboard!The light fixture is broken, so I couldn't get a good shot "under the stairs" but trust me, all the toys are sorted out in their own bins, nice and neat like! Youngest granddaughter was thrilled that she could get to all the different toys. Up until a few weeks ago, she really wasn't interested in toys. Now she's started taking care of babies, reading books, building with the Duplos and putting the puzzles together.


  1. Nice yarn, enjoy! At least your closet under the stairs has a happy purpose! Ours is a junk catchall, the place where we keep suitcases, Meital's bike and tools. I clean it out every year or so, but that doesn't make anyone but me happy! LOL

  2. Nice colors on the yarn. Your grandaughters probably feel like they have a lot of new toys now that they can get to everything!


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