Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been so obsessed with making Hatz the last few days. I have .5 muffatee to finish to make 50, and I'm working on Hatz! Oh well, I'll get it done before the great September mailing. Who knows, I might even make a few more!

This one ^ is a little crocheted baby hat.
Hatz 2 is a larger baby hat. Also crocheted.
This is for a toddler to small child. Rolled brim, nothing spectacular. But it's warm!
An adult headband with some short rows to make the front wider. It fits me, but would easily fit a man's larger head, nice and wide at the ears to keep them warm.

I started another one last night while watching the discovery of ancient Phoenician ships in the Black Sea. Seriously, it was interesting. Tonight is a reshowing of the the more recent discoveries at Stonehenge. Gotta love the National Geographic Channel! Oh, and tonight is a show about the Bog Mummies of Stone Age Northern Europe. Now, why discuss this on a knitting blog? Have you heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Bog Jacket? More pics. And a woven version. Well, some of the mummies found in the aforementioned bogs wore these kinds of jackets/shirts. So grab you knittin' and tune into NatGeo tonight and see a bit of history you can replicate!

Oh, the hat I started last night...doing a bit of color work on that one. One nice thing about using Fair Isle with all the floats in the back, is it doubles the fabric to make it extra warm. Even if you only do a band of it, as I am, it helps keep the forehead much warmer!


  1. Love your hatz! Gonna steal your button :)

    That short row man's hat looks interesting. Is it a pattern you came up with? I'd like to see it with the cuff turned up. Knitted on 2 needles I presume? Looks real easy and you know I love easy knitting!

  2. Mummies is EZ Love the hats and mittens!

  3. Hi Liz, I am finally reading all my Google Reader posts. Have been absent way too many months. Thanks for the tip on the Mummies. Am recording it. It's on the same time as another favorite of mine, Ghost Hunters. Renate

  4. The hats are very nice. Don't feel guilty about taking a break from the mitts. You've done a great job on them, but we all need a little variety. You have plenty of time to get more done...especially with the way you turn them out!
    I'm so glad you mentioned the mummies in bog jackets. I've been wanting to make one. I will try to catch the program for some inspiration!

  5. You deserve an award for all the charity knitting that you do!!! I applaud you.


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