Friday, May 23, 2008

Two more pair done....Tied for first place

I had planned to sit and make Mittnz yesterday, but family took my day again. (Thursday's are supposed to be my day off, such as it is.) Anyway, Youngest Daughter needed to see our acupuncturist for her sciatica pain, so I was comandeered to drive her there and take Youngest Granddaughter and Youngest Son out for lunch.

Second Son surprised us by bringing his son over to visit. Third Grandson is autistic. He's spent a full school year in classes and has learn to verbalize many new words and exhibits less external autistic behavior. He played with an electronic toy, naming all the numbers from one to ten. He verbalizes appropriate responses to some questions.

So my crocheting time was eaten up by more important things. However, I did get two pair done.

It's supposed to be down right chilly today....not even getting to 70 degrees. Weather anomalies.... The plan is to sit and make mittnz. We'll see what surprises happen today!

Remember the Emergency Knitting Bag I shared with you yesterday? They are all sold out! None till June 10th or so. But you can get on the waiting list!


  1. I especially like the 2nd pair of mittnz. As for the emergency bag, I thought of that this morning because I forgot my knitting at home and had no project to work on.

    Have a great weekend. I'm off to R.I.

  2. You are on aroll with the mittnz! Hopefully with all your family obligations you're till at the top!

    I saw that emergency kit on Lime and Violet -- I love it!


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