Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stash Arrived

I ordered some yarn from Knitivity before I left home and had Ray send them here to meet me. My DIL said since I'm already getting mail here I might as well just stay forever!

These sock yarns are (from top to bottom): Go Ireland, Aunt Gail OOPS, Art School, and Neopolitan. All superwash and my fingers are itching to insist my son act as my swift and let me ball them up!

I also got some Red Heart while we were at Wallyword (the ONLY place to shop in this little piece of land time forgot) to make a requested hat for my grandson. His dad requested Viking colors, so I now have more purple. yellow, and white in my stash. No'll go to good use!
I finished the hat, but GS took off with it, so until I can track him and it down, no picture.

I have several projects to finish up: the Waterloose socks made from Opal yarn for DIL. Now that she can try them on so I can make sure they fit. I have 1.5 pair of mittenz-so one mitten to finish and four thumbs to put on. However, I may put those aside and make matching mittens for GS. We're heading out Gatlinburg on Tuesday, and it's a bit chilly yet, so....mittens would be a good thing! I also have a pair of socks for myself I brought along.

Been having a nice relaxing time. Snow melted away by 3:00 yesterday under bright blue skies. Just a gorgeous day!


  1. I love your new yarns. What fun to knit for your grnadchildren. The new one is especially adorable!

  2. Great yarn and how much fun is that to receive it while on vacation. Even nicer is the comment made to just stay in Tennessee. Have lots of fun!!!!

  3. I like that sock yarn. Ray is a good guy. Glad you're giving him business. By the way, nice to give the snow to some other folks beside us. I've had enough of it. Renate

  4. How much fun is that?! Glad to hear you're having fun and getting yarn and knitting and all that! I finished the Thorpe hat and started a pair of mittenz today.

  5. Those little ones just love what grandma makes for them. My grandchildren are the same way. They take off with them.


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